Monday, 6 May 2013

on scaffoldings and men

that's it. i've given up on men. i know it is very easy to have ourselves fall into this bitter gaping hole of despair and regret, but i've decided that i'm going to be on a cock-free diet 'till I can't handle it anymore (yeah, that's me trying). i'm kind of worried how much of a shock my body would get after it realises that it's not going to get it's constant ass-rummaging late night rendezvous anymore, but this is for the better, i think. 

it's frustrating to see how much frustrated i get with men but i should really start on putting more effort into sorting out what my real priorities are. i'm pretty sure i've had gone over what most people would have considered an average amount of sexual partners in a lifetime, so giving myself a bit of a break to smell the flowers, and hand-wash my laundry would help me sort out my shit more (and have most of my clothes last longer). 

so fuck the new year. i say when my new year starts. as much as i want to do an abstract artsy photo montage of what i want to do right so you could spend more time here trying to decipher the whole thing, i'll do us all a favour and do it as a list.

  1. get rid of six grand debt that i've amassed from buying furniture when me and Aaron were living together. (in six months)
  2. save up money to enrol myself for university this coming August. (in two months)
  3. move out of my current flat and live somewhere more monetarily sustainable.  (in ten months)
  4. fitter body and a more prominent six-pack (in three months)
  5. save up money to back me up once i start studying full-time in university next year (in fifteen months)
now i know that most of them are pretty loose, and this obviously are more of the big stepping stones to help me get to where i need, but i think laying them out first before planning out where you're jumping onto next helps. let's do this!

 i hope you've thought about what your plans are for this year, and if you haven't, get your shit together gurl!


back to my normal shallow shit, this is what my body looks like the first week of this month- definitely a big change to what i used to look like a few months ago (link here). I'm getting there baby! 

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