Friday, 29 March 2013

on first world gay problems

I'm having problems with my erection lately. No, actually, it's what I get turned on by.

My preference when it comes to men has changed quite drastically over the last few months after breaking up with Aaron. For some odd reason, young men around my age just doesn't do it for me. Nada, nothing. Yes, having a fit hung blonde-hair blue-eyed twenty-five year old doesn't make my thingamajig work, nor would a hot brazilian guy whose only twenty two. 

Like this one right here who just left my room less than half an hour ago. Visually appealing,  fucked me stupid, all over the room, and did it do for me? No. I was horny, I was turned on, but for some weird fucked up reason my cock wouldn't go up for guys like this. I don't think I'd be in the 'zone' if I was nowhere near turned on, but it feels like my brain seems to think that my cock is my Mangina. Though I did cum before I got his message to come over, so maybe that's what fucked it up?

Now, you might be asking me what I get turned on by. I think I've tried everything the buffet had to offer already- otters, cubs, bears, twinks, jocks, and daddies. Been there, done him. 

My market has definitely gone bigger over the months though, I've been fucking men I never thought I'd be fucking. Men I've always thought that was above my league. I guess the whole working out and taking care of myself jig does work. I have abs now!


I do have a couple of men who does it for me. Apparently, my brain decided that I'm only going to be turned on by men double my age. Yes, forty year olds. Not fifty, not thirty five, but forty. There's nothing really wrong about it, I just wish I'd be equally attracted to all men of ages. To think of it, I wonder how it'd be like if my ex were to fuck me now..would I get turned on by it? or would it feel very weird? He was really good in bed though, and like I said before, that was the first reason to why I wanted to date him in the first place. 

Rather than going against the grain, I might as well succumb to what my body thinks I need. Men like this right here. He's one of the only few who can really make me blow a load whilst getting fucked, and this other guy whose about around the same age as his. Though I don't just do anybody that gets hit by my golden number, I think it's still very important to have a nice body to lick and be used as an appetiser before you enjoy the main meal. Who would want to be going down a slightly obese forty-two year old anyway..

& there's my blah. Hope everybody's enjoying their long weekends :-)