Monday, 20 August 2012

the shock of the new

My struggle to find constant balance with what I would want to do, to finding enough willpower to do anything productive with my camera has gone to an all time low.

I haven't touched my camera for more than a couple of months now. On the other hand, I've focused most of my time to learning how to swim, to constant procrastination about going to the gym, and learning different art movements flourishing from Industrialisation. It is from these efforts that I also started to appreciate art more. Like Matisse's abstract paintings to the surreal and colourful collages sprouting from post-modern war.

Now twenty, my hunger to know more has grown exponentially. I've started being quite interested with current affairs, modern architecture, and a slight interest to curating. I have been more sensible with my judgement though not with my impulsive shopping. Growing older has definitely taught me to be more socially aware. What is art but to portray and reflect the society that you're submerged in; artists are now the hands-on social anthropologists.

Along these changes in my life, I have started getting bored with my morning-job. Selling and recommending alcohol isn't exactly what I'd imagine to be the most fulfilling of jobs. The constant barrage of stupidity that comes inside our store continues to frustrate me. The sad truth is, that smart people are the minority. My job pays quite well compared to the lack of responsibility that I actually have over the store, even though there's only me and my manager running the whole thing.

It was either I quit this job, get two other jobs, and hopefully get more free time and more money. But it's not always that easy. Reality is, I only work thirty-eight hours a week. Realistically, there's 168 hours in a week! Obviously I'm already left with a lot of free time. To add to this, I spend most of my mornings sleeping-in, watching amateur Australian porn, and eating. I was getting bored.

So I did what I always wanted to do, volunteer. Thought I haven't actually volunteered yet, I've already inquired about being a tour-guide at the local museum and hopefully, being able to work as a volunteer at our state's photography centre.

Now all I have to do is update my résumé. Wish me luck! And welcome to my new blog.