Sunday, 5 May 2013

on my plate

i've been doing a bit of tweaking with what i have planned for myself this year. along my plans of redesigning my patio, i've decided to enrol myself in a coffee-making class. i pretty much spend most of my pay buying coffee every morning that it has come to a point that it has become one of those things that is stopping me from achieving my dream of becoming debt-free. 

you want coffee, you make coffee.

and i thought, why don't i start learning skills of where some of my money goes to, like signing up for sewing lessons so i could start doing my own hems. it's usually ten dollars a pop, and well, that's going to add up by the end of the year, right? 


i'm studying again in two months and i should really start figuring out how the fuck i'm going to enrol myself. i've decided to study psychology before i get myself dwelling back into the fine arts. my other job working as a gallery assistant really helped me understand the art industry and it's state. i'd be lying if i wasn't disheartened with the amount of hipster shit and how much a current trend could have an effect with what gets shown, but there's always a few gems out there that do try and shine withstanding a whole pile of rubbish. 

Aaron has come out fine after the break-up. he's looking better than ever. now skinny, fitter, but still buys tacky apparel from mainstream outlets ('cause i'm so goddamn indie). i think we both came out quite fine after the break-up, i saw his itinerary for this year and he's all booked-up on holidays! he even signed up to those run thingies, you know, the one where people sign up for some charity and run fifty kilometres? yeah, that shit. good for him, i couldn't be happier. 

i'm stopping myself from going on dates for a while, i have too much on my plate right now and getting knocked up in my twenties isn't exactly what i'm aspiring for and so should you. apparently, prince charming usually shows up when you're at your peak and not at your worst. i'd like to rest on that idea and you know, maybe, hopefully, one day, you'll see me writing about him here whilst i retell to you every detail of our summer holiday at Bondi beach.

i'm slowly getting my shit together and the future does look brighter than ever. now, if only i could find myself an attractive intellectual sugar daddy...'cause i want it all goddamnit


rudeboy said...

"i'd be lying if i wasn't disheartened with the amount of hipster shit"

The art world was full of hipster shit even before there were hipsters and shit.

That's why I only went for the free wine and hors d'oeuvres.

James said...

You have very interesting life plans. Yeah, don't get knocked up yet. No.

♔ıǝɹɯɐı♔ said...

Haha. You'll find one. Soon enough. Just don't rush yourself :)

Herbs D. said...

at Rudeboy

oh, i know. i have utmost respect to the people who've managed to put with this. utmost respect! You don't even get free wine from the places i go to, though adult beverages are usually very cheap! oh and yes, free hors d'oeuvres! I'll take anything that comes with free food, thankyouverymuch~

at James

no, YOU have interesting life plans. We all do, stop it! lol. Though the idea of getting knocked up during my twenties isn't exactly a bad thing. Getting inseminated and getting paid twenty to twenty grand doing so for infertile couples does wonders, and did you hear what it does for your skin?! AH. MAY.ZING!

at Rei

I'm not rushing. I usually get myself high on crystal meth so I could live life like a time lord. I'm kidding. CRACK IS WHACK PEOPLE! CRACK. IS. WHACK!