Wednesday, 3 October 2012

here i come?

So I think tonight would be that night that I should start taking care of myself. I finished my last stick of cigarette a couple of hours ago, drank two cups of green tea, and stalked the overly muscular men who are at the same age as mine who I used to go to school with. Seriously, men here are ridiculously too..muscly?

As much as I don't wanna end up looking like a douchebag, I'm sure I'll stop at a point where I could just admire myself at how evenly toned my body is. When will that happen? I don't know.

So to document this whole change that I'm hoping will pull through (which by the way i've planned already two years ago and which i constantly fail to keep), i'm posting a picture here. and each month, i'll post another picture, and the next thing you know i'll be in one of those mike-tyson ab-machine guy on your late-night infomercials. 

Last time I checked I'm seventy-five kilograms. and from what i've read so far, it's about the ideal weight of somebody who actually works out and has a fit body in my height (one hundred seventy six and three fourths).

basically, all i have to do is try and shit all my fat out, have an all-carb diet like Regina George, try not to starve myself, and i should be all set. easier said than done, but i think, with enough determination and the existence of the overly-demanding pressure of the gay community, i, one day, will have a body that i could finally post on grindr. 

till then, here's 

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